I have no idea where the last two years have gone!
My last blog post was written at the beginning of the Covid pandemic around March 2020. It was supposed to be my busiest year of weddings having been working towards this after moving my business from home to a rented workshop.
Well, that was shot down big time. Day after day of postponements to 2021, cancellations and refunds, more than I had ever had in my whole time in business!

I wept, I raged, I was silent, I was low, but, I kept going, somehow. I have to thank my husband for spurring me on in those first dark weeks. Zero work or cash flow, no flowers to be had, everyone scared for their lives. And then…..people started ordering bouquets & plants, to say I love you, I miss you, I remember you.


There were so many funerals, it made my heartache for all the messages of love that I had to write. I am sure I brought the families some small element of peace. This custom saved me, my small business I had invested everything in to. Thank god for you all!

What next?

Just when we thought that the pandemic had eased in early 2021 and restrictions loosened, they tightened up again, on/off fire breakers, tiers, more restrictions, less restrictions; who knew where we were?  Couples postponed again and again, some even split up, how awfully sad that was to hear. Through highs and lows I managed to flower a hand full of micro weddings, 15 guests, no more. Perfect for some couples not for others.

And then a breakthrough in July 2021, restrictions lifted slowly, 30 guests, 60 guests, no limits on guests, Hallelujah! I went from zero to a years worth of weddings in 6 months (35 to be precise)…. again, how I coped, well; family, husband, great florists friends, but that’s a whole other blog post and I am saving that for next month, with photos thrown in!